The book beyond

The world is plunging into chaos and unearthly powers are needed to save our world. These powers are accessible through the knowledge and secrets written down in the most important book of them all – The Book Beyond.

About the series

GAMOMAT have created an engaging storyline in the spirit of Indiana Jones that will quickly win over all slot players who expect something more from their games.

Chapter 1, the series opener, introduces a simple story and puts the players right in the middle of action: they must help the game's main protagonist Alex find the elusive Book Beyond while they simultaneously wonder where the story will take them next.

Where will the story go? The upcoming games from The Book Beyond series will all represent different chapters from the Book. Each chapter will involve different Egyptian gods with their unique powers that will be translated into engaging game features and will help Alex and Mysterious Woman to fulfil their destinies.

Who is Alex?

Alex is the leading character in the story of The Book Beyond. He is an adventurer on a survey expedition in the Upper Nile.

During one of his missions an unusual sandstorm crashes his plane into the desert. He miraculously survives the crash unscathed and spots a mysterious figure whom he follows into the ancient temple. Unbeknownst to him, the burden of saving the world from chaos will soon fall on his shoulders.

Who is the Mysterious Woman?

Who is the mysterious figure Alex follows into the temple?

Immediately after Alex enters the temple, the gates colapse and Mysterious Woman saves his life. She introduces herself as the temple guardian and tells him she witnessed the strange sandstorm and his planecrash which convinced her Alex is the one chosen by the Egyptian God Ra to help her retrieve The Book Beyond.

What is The Book Beyond?

The Book Beyond is hidden in the secret chambers of Mysterious Woman's temple. She has been trying to find it for as long as she remembers, but so far she has been unsuccessful. The Book holds Ra's knowledge and secrets that can help humanity save the world from chaos.

Chapter 1:

The Riddle of the Sands

The series opener, Chapter 1: The Riddle of the Sands, introduces Alex, Mysterious Woman and the powers of Ra.

Alex and Mysterious Woman are stuck in the temple and Mysterious Woman explains to Alex what the Book is about and why is it so important to find it. They head towards the secret chambers in hope that Alex manages to find his way inside.

Game Type Video slot
Format 5 reels, 3 rows
RTP 96,15%
Paylines 10 (fixed)
Features 10, 25 or 100 Free Games with Bonus symbol, Nudging Bonus Blocks, Card Gamble Feature, Risk Ladder Gamble Feature

The power of the Book

The Book shows its powers to the players immediately. Its symbol within the game is both Scatter and a substituting Wild.

As Scatter it pays on its own up to 200 x total bet and triggers up to a staggering 100 (one hundred!) Free Games with a mystery bonus symbol.

The bonus symbol works as the temple walls that separate Alex and Mysterious Woman from the chambers: whenever it appears, it is nudged to cover the whole reel and pays as scatter-on-payline.

The wins that can be generated by this feature are huge and contribute greatly to the game's high volatility.